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Master of Science in Post harvest Technology and Management

The programme aims to produce graduates who will be able to provide advanced technology and management solutions related to post-harvest systems for sustainable growth of the agricultural industry in Tanzania and beyond.

Semester 1

Core courses:

Storage Technology,

Design of Processing Plants for Agricultural Products.

Food Quality and Safety Management.

Processing of Common Tropical Foods and Cash Crops.

Research Planning.

Experimentation and Statistics.

Elective courses:

Properties of Biological Materials.

Operations Research in Agribusiness Management.

Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer.

Entrepreneurship Management.

Agricultural Systems Modelling and Simulation.

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Semester 2

Core courses:

Management of Post-Harvest Systems

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology

Bioenergy from Agricultural and Food Waste

Food Packaging, Transportation and Marketing

Meat and Fish Technology

Elective courses:

Research Innovations management and commercialization.

Advanced Agricultural Process Engineering.

Agribusiness Policy Analysis.

Semester 3and 4

Research Proposal Development.