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Master of Science in Irrigation Engineering and Management

The aim of the programme is to impart students with knowledge and skills needed to design, operate, and maintain irrigation systems and associated water sources conservation, and water supply and drainage networks at field, scheme, and watershed level.

Semester 1

Core courses:

Drainage and Land Reclamation Principles and Applications

Advanced Hydrology

Advanced Surface Irrigation Systems

Pressurized Irrigation Systems, Research Planning

Experimentation and Statistics

Agricultural Systems Modelling and Simulation

Elective courses:

Crop Water Requirements.

Advanced Computer Programming.

Soil and Water Conservation.

Groundwater Resources Development.

Semester 2

Core courses:

Project Planning and Management

Advanced Trickle Irrigation Systems.

Soil-Plant-Water Relations.

Advanced Statistical Methods.

Research Innovations Management and Commercialization.

Applied GIS and RS in IEM.

Research Proposal Development.

Elective courses:

Climate Change and Agriculture.

Hydraulic Structures.

Quantitative Methods and Operational Analysis.

Semester 3 and 4