Dr. Majaliwa’s Profile

Full Name: Nuria Kudra Majaliwa

Title: Lecturer

Area of specialization: Food Processing Engineering

School: Engineering and Technology

Department: Food Science and Agro processing

Office Location: Food Science building opposite crdb bank

Email address: majaliwa[at]sua.ac.tz


Dr Nuria Majaliwa is a Food Processing expert with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology of Sokoine University of Agriculture, Master of Food Technology of Sokoine University of Agriculture and a PhD in Biological Engineering Sciences of Chalmers University of Technology, with emphasis on modelling of banana juice extraction technology. Dr Nuria Majaliwa has a professional experience of more than 10 years of teaching in the area of organic food processing, research and consultancies. She is now working for Sokoine University of Agriculture, School of Engineering, Department of Food Science and Agro-processing. She was also a Borlaug research fellow at Virginia Tech University working on the development of different methods of aflatoxin analysis in Food. Dr Majaliwa has served as Lead Consultant, Principal Investigator and as a researcher in various consultancies and projects funded by various donors including the ongoing SUARIS project-SUA (project working on the exploitation of sisal wastes to food fortificant), SIDA, and TECHNOSERVE. In addition, Dr. Majaliwa has supervised a number of MSc and PhD students in area of Food Science and Technology. She also teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the area of Food Science and Technology. She also reviewed several articles related to food science in various journals including Journal of Food Science and Technology, African Journal of Food Science and Technology and Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.


Academic/Educational Background 

PhD degree in Food processing Engineering (2021)

Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Biology and Biological Engineering SE 41296, Goteborg, Sweden. Food processing Engineering


Master of Science in Food Science and Technology (2007)

Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania


Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology (2004)

Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania


Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (2000)

Tambaza High School, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania


Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education (1997)

Zanaki Secondary School, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Research Interests / Areas

Dr Nuria Majaliwa has an experience of more than 10 years on research and consultancy in the area of food Science and Technology particularly on process modelling, optimization, and aflatoxin analyses. She is now serving as a Principal Investigator on the ongoing SUARIS project-SUA (project working on the utilization of sisal wastes for food fortification).


Funded Research Projects

SUARIS II- Utilization of Sisal Wastes for Food Fortification- Principal Investigator


List of courses

Food Biochemistry

Food Biotechnology

Meat Science

Food Storage and handling

Food Hygiene

Food Quality Assurance and Legislation

Food Microbiology


Students Supervision

PhD student

Gloria (PFS/D/2021/0014) Evaluation of the Safety and Quality of Bushmeat consumed in Southern Benin

MSc students

Jubilate Peter (FST/D/2021/0026) Seaweed powder: organic method to control the maize weevil (sitophilus zeamais), and larger grain borer (prostephanus truncatus) infestation on storage of maize

Juma Magambo (MFQ/D/2021/0003) Assessment of handling practices and bacteriological quality of ready-to-eat cold meals in Mwanza city.

Amani Saulo (MFQ/D/2020/0003) Effectiveness of sun drying and solar drying of selected indigenous leafy vegetables and fish in kilombero district.

Happiness Matembo (MFQ/D/2021/0058) Effectiveness of spices cocktails on sensory and microbial quality of sun-dried marine sardines in Dar es salaam.


BSc students

Ng’holongo Stephen (FST/E/2019/0154) Consumer acceptability of flavored soy milk.

Saidy, Asha (FST/D/2019/0081) Assessment on microbiological quality of locally produced palm oil in Morogoro.

Mboya Frank Joachim (FST/D/2019/0085) Assessment of the microbiological status of locally prepared fruit juices and sugarcane juice.

Mwaigwisya Isaac Benard (FST/E/2019/0147) Assessment of food hygienic practices of canteen food services found at morogoro municipal.

Nyambele Kesia Amos (FST/D/2019/0083) Assessment on effects of different processing technique in retention of vitamin a in butternuts.

Amani Makungu (FST/D/2019/0122) Quality and safety assessment of sunflower oil locally produced by small scale millers in Morogoro.

Mfaume Mohamed R (FST/D/2019/0168) Assessment of traditional storage structures methods on preventing post harvest loss of maize grains.


Thobias Felician Nyanda (FST/D/2019/0019) Safety and Quality assessment of sunflower oil produced locally in Dodoma.

Msuya Timon Robert (FST/E/2019/0049) Comparative analysis of the physiochemical parameters of palm oils obtained from Kigoma and Morogoro regions.

Mkundi Bernadetha A (FST/D/2019/0045) Development of lablab flour and bread

Daniel Solomon C (FST/D/2019/0072) Nutritional composition and physico-chemical assessment of wheat- banana bread.




Journal Articles

Majaliwa, N., Kibazohi, O., & Alminger, M. (2019). Optimization of process parameters for mechanical extraction of banana juice using response surface methodology. Journal of food science and technology56(9), 4068-4075.


Majaliwa, N., Kibazohi, O., & Alminger, M. (2021). Proteomic potential of East African Highland Bananas (EAHBs) for banana juice extraction: comparison between juice-producing and cooking cultivars. CyTA-Journal of Food19(1), 370-377.


Majaliwa, N., Kibazohi, O., & Alminger, M. (2021). Effect of cultivar and ripening on the polyphenol contents of East African highland bananas (Musa spp.). International Food Research Journal28(3), 479-488.


Mongi, R. J., Simbano, M., Ruhembe, C., & Majaliwa, N. (2015). Development and assessment of frying characteristics, chemical composition, descriptive sensory properties and preference mapping of wheat-orange fleshed sweet potato composite swahili buns (maandazi). Tanzania Journal of Agricultural Sciences14(2).


Mwakosya, A. W., Limbu, S. M., Majaliwa, N., Zou, X., Shi, J., & Kibazohi, O. (2022). Aflatoxin B1 variations in animal feeds along the supply chain in Tanzania and its possible reduction by heat treatment. Food and Agricultural Immunology33(1), 192-206.


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Address: P.O. Box 3006, Morogoro, Tanzania

Phone Number: +255769373741 or +255620127506

Email address: nuria.majaliwa[at]sua.ac.tz