Dr. Beatrice Kilima’s profile


Full Name: Beatrice Mgaya Kilima

Title: Lecturer

Area of specialization: Food Science

School: School of Engineering and Technology

Department: Food Science and Agroprocessing

Office Location: Food Science building opposite CRDB bank

Email address: bkilima[at]sua.ac.tz


Dr Beatrice Mgaya Kilima is a Food Scientist expert with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology of Sokoine University of Agriculture, Master of Food Science of Sokoine University of Agriculture and a PhD in Food Sciences from Norwegian University of Life Science. Dr Beatrice M. Kilima has a professional experience of more than 14 years of teaching in the area of Food Science, Food chemistry, Food Safety and Quality Assurance, researches and consultancies. She is now working for Sokoine University of Agriculture, School of Engineering, Department of Food Science and Agro-processing. In addition, Dr. Beatrice has supervised a number of MSc and PhD students in area of Food Science and Technology. She is also instructor for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the area of Food Science and Technology.


Academic/Educational Background

PhD degree in Food Science (2014), Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Ås, Norway.

Master of Science in Food Science and Technology (2002), Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania.

Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology (1998), Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania.

Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (1993), Weru Weru High School, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.

Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education (1991), Zanaki Secondary School, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Research Interests / Areas

Dr Beatrice M. Kilima has an experience of more than 14 years on research and consultancy in the area of Food Science and Technology particularly on Food safety, Food Science, Food toxicology, Food preservation, Functional foods, Antioxidants and Food Quality Control


List of courses

Food chemistry

Food Analysis and Instrumentation

Food Packaging

Technology of Legumes and oilseeds

Food Quality Assurance and Legislation

Food Toxicology

Students Supervision

PhD student

Grace Gachara, REG. NO: PFS/P/2020/0002. Quantification of aflatoxin and molecular characterization of Aspergillus species: Case study of the Rift-Valley Region in Kenya.

MSc students

Gabriel, Gabriel Jacob MFQ/D/2020/0009. Occurrence of indicator Polychlorinated Biphenyls in selected marine fish species and potential health effects: a case study of Dar es salaam

Mwankunda Lucy J, MFQ/D/2021/0060.Investigation of potential of Moringa oleifera leaf extract in meat preservation.

Ali, Ali Hamad MFQ/D/2021/0007. Safety and chemical composition of Halwa in Zanzibar

Mfinanga, Mariam Abdu. Assessment of Aflatoxin contamination in maize and maize flour meals (Ugali) in boarding schools: A case study: Dar es salaam.

BSc students

Nikite, Rodrick Dashudi FST/D/2019/0071. Development of instant dried Lentils powder blended with irish potatoes

Shehe, Hassan Mwalimu FST/D/2019/0040. Hygienic practice of beef retailing premises (butcher)

Misana, Magembe FST/E/2019/0011. Assessment of acceptability of pineapple flavoured with soy milk.

Masondole, Nyambona Vedastus, FST/D/2019/0055. Assessing on the minimization of postharvest loss of pineapple by production of pineapple wine.

Chuwa, Editha D, FST/D/2019/0116. Development of avocado tea masala (source of antioxidant)

Katisha, Cesilia D, FST/D/2019/0140. Assessment of hygienic conditions of slaughter houses and their compliance with national standards: A case study of Morogoro Municipality.

Mrema, John J, FST/D/2019/0053. Development of chayote squash pickle to enhance utilization of squash

Munisi, Nadhiru Fadhilahi. FST/2019/0079. Utilization of hermetic storage technology (Pics) on preventing post-harvest weight losses of maize

Yusuph Johari F. FST/D/2019/0065. Assessment of consumer awareness of food labelling and use of the information in purchasing of bread among consumer in Morogoro urban district.

Peter Jumanne S FST/D/2019/0117 Assessment of proximate composition of small-scale processing complementary foods. A case study of Morogoro Municipality.

Kaale, Hosiana Samwel FST/E/2019/0157 Assessment of consumer awareness on use of information contained in label of packed Mango juice before purchasing in Morogoro Municipality


Postal address: P.O. Box 3006, Morogoro, Tanzania

Telephone: +255765291554or or +255713291554

Email address: bkilima[at]sua.ac.tz