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Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology

The aim of the programme is to provide a degree-level education in food science and technology, from which the graduates can enter a career in the food industry or employment in other sectors of the food chain, or related scientific sectors or self-employment.

Semester 1

Core courses

Introduction to Food Science

Engineering Drawing

Food Biochemistry

Food Microbiology I

Nutritional Physiology

Basic Mathematics

Elective courses

Introduction to Agricultural Economics and Development

Introduction to Micro and Macro Economics

Principles of Accounting

Principles, Theories and Contemporary Issues of Development

Agriculture and Rural Development

Communication Skills I

Semester 2

Core courses

Food Physical Chemistry

Principles of Food Engineering I

Introductory to Food Biotechnology

Food Analysis and Instrumentation

Computer Applications

Introductory Statistics

Communication Skills II

Elective courses

Introduction to Agribusiness

Introduction to Agricultural Extension

Introductory Anthropology

Principle of Administration and Management

Extension Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Semester 3

Core courses

Food Analysis and Instrumentation II

Food Enzymology

Principles of Food Engineering II

Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology II

Principles of Food Processing and Preservation

Elective courses

Extension Methods


Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship Development

Introduction to Gender and Development

Communication Skills I

Semester 4

Core courses

Unit Operations in Food Processing I

Technology of Fruits and Vegetables

Technology of Meat and Fish

Sensory Evaluation of Foods and Product Development

Technology of Legumes and Oilseeds

Food Storage and Handling

Food and Nutrition Security

Elective courses

Agricultural Administration and Management

Environmental Impact Assessment and Management

Nutritional Biochemistry

Business Laws and Ethics

Extension Programme Planning and Evaluation

Semester 5

Core courses

Research Project I

Research Methods in Food Science and Proposal Development

Applied Food Biotechnology

Food Quality Assurance and Legislation

Food Hygiene

Unit Operations in Food Processing II

Technology of Milk Products

Material Science for Food Technologists

Elective courses

Gender and Development

Communication Skills I

Electronic Commerce

Information and Communication Management

Semester 6

Core courses

Fermentation Technology

Technology of Spices and Non-alcoholic Beverages

Pilot Plant Processes

Plant and Equipment Layout and Maintenance

Food Economics and Industry Management

Food Packaging, Research Project II

Elective courses

Technology of Cereals

Tubers and Sugar

Policy Analysis for Food and Nutrition

Nutrition Information

Education and Communication

Agribusiness Skills II

Career Opportunity

Graduates in this program are employed in various capacities like; in the food industry or employment in other sectors of the food chain (e.g. food supply, manufacture), or related scientific sectors and associated regulatory and advisory works. Graduates can also be self-employed. Also, continue to pursue a PhD degree.